Mall-City Median Partnership, a Model for other Commercial Areas

The Bloomfield Conservancy
The Template for this effort is the Bloomfield Conservancy, the non-profit branch of the Nicotra Group, a real estate company owned by Richard Nicotra and his wife, Lois. Their properties include seven office buildings, the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hampton Inn, all located within a 415-acre natural preserve in The Corporate Park of Staten Island on South Avenue. “I want this to be the Park Avenue of Staten Island,” Mr. Nicotra has said about the West Shore thoroughfare. The Bloomfield Conservancy, which was established in 1998, has history of working with the city, along with corporate and business sponsors, on maintenance of the environment and on long-term public projects. “The Parks Department has limited funds and we need to help them and help ourselves to keep this area of Staten Island beautiful,” Mr. Nicotra has pointed out.